Tehran(IP) - Quds Day is a manifestation of the glory of the unity of the Islamic Ummah for the liberation of the Holy Al-Quds, the Spokesman of Iran's Judiciary said in his weekly news conference.

Iran PressIran News: In his press conference on Tuesday, Zabihollah Khodaeian commemorated the occasion of World Quds Day in advance and recalled that Quds Day does not belong to a particular nation, religion, or creed but to all freedom-seeking people throughout the world. 

Khodaeian went on to call Quds Day a day to fight oppression and fight against racial discrimination.

"Today, we are witnessing the bloodshed of the people before the eyes of the world, whose guilt is defending their soil, honor and lives, and we are supposed to condemn these crimes with an enthusiastic and intelligent presence in the Quds Day march.", he noted.

He stressed that the world must know that some self-proclaimed Islamic countries will bury the desire to make Palestine a forgotten issue.

The case of the Razavi Shrine knife attack

Khodaeian referred to the Razavi Shrine incident and said that the investigation into the case of the perpetrator of the Razavi shrine knife attack is over.

He added that the case would be sent to the court with an indictment within the next ten days.

"The category of investigations say this incident was not a personal motive, also the accused, under the influence of Takfiri thoughts, committed the terrorist act and had no complicity," he added.

Division between Iran, Afghanistan on global arrogance agenda 

The spokesman for Iran's judiciary said that global arrogance had put the provoking divisions and disunity between the two nations of Iran and Afghanistan on its agenda but that their conspiracies had not yet succeeded due to the government's vigilance.

Zabihollah Khodaeian emphasized that in recent months the activities of the enemies of Iran and Afghanistan who are trying to create ethnic, religious, etc., divisions between the two nations have been under Iran's close watch.

He further explained that Importing or leaving the country illegally and employment in the country without a permit is prohibited and a crime, but the judiciary has treated Afghan migrants well.

"We also expect Afghan refugees to obtain the necessary permits from the Ministry of Interior for travel, employment, etc.", concluded he.


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