Two Israeli soldiers are killed and four wounded in a martyrdom attack in the occupied Palestinian.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Israeli regime is attacking the oppressed people of Palestine, martyring, injuring or arresting them every day under various pretexts; Palestinians are also carrying out anti-Zionist operations in response to these crimes.

Al-Mayadin reported, quoting Hebrew media, that two gunmen opened fire on Israeli police in the occupied city of Al-Khadira, killing or wounding six people.

Israeli sources confirmed the death of two Israeli soldiers in the operation, and also 4 people have been declared seriously injured.

The perpetrators of this operation were also martyred by the Israeli forces.

In this regard, the "Bir Al-Saba" area, located in the occupied territories, witnessed an unprecedented and unique martyrdom and resistance operation on Tuesday night this week.

The martyr Mohammad Ghalib Abu Al-Qayan, the agent of the resistance operation in the city of "Bir Al-Saba" last Tuesday, stabbed at least 4 Zionist settlers to death. 219