Tehran (IP) – Reacting to the execution of Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Iran's president criticized the application of double standards by Western countries and misused the concept of human rights.

Iran PressIran news: The Saudi Interior Ministry executed 81 people on Saturday. Forty-one of those executed were from the kingdom's Shiite-majority and oil-rich region of Qatif. They had previously been arrested and imprisoned by the Saudi government under various pretexts.

Ebrahim Raisi also condemned the silence and inaction of countries claiming human rights in the face of such crimes.

The Iranian president said the execution of innocent people was a sign of the hypocrisy of these countries in politically exploiting the concept of human rights for their political greed and against independent governments.

He urged international organizations, free media, and relevant institutions to break their silence. 


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Saudi Arabia must be held accountable for executions