Iranian photographer Ahmad Khatiri won the plate of honor and gold medal at the 82nd Asahi Shimbun International Photo Contest.

Iran PressIran news: The Asahi Shimbun contest is one of the greatest and oldest photo contests in the world that was established by the Japan Professional Photographers Society (JPS) and the Asahi Shimbun publications, which publishes the world’s 2nd highest published daily, and held simultaneously in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and other major Japanese cities.

Ahmad Khatiri said on Friday, "During the recent years we have seen the powerful presence of Iranian artists in reputable and major world festivals, which shows the Iranians have high talents that are recognized at international scenes, including among young Iranian photographers."

“This year I managed to gain the plate of honor and gold medal of this highly reputable international photo contest,” he added.

Khatiri who is also a member of the International Photography Federation FEIAP added: "For this year’s festival 9,404 photographs from 56 countries were sent, 106 of them were selected for the exhibition section, which was held in various major Japanese cities, as I said."