IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi

Tehran(IP) -The Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will visit Tehran Saturday to meet with some of the senior officials of Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Following intensive talks in recent weeks by officials of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) with the IAEA and general agreements reached, Rafael Grossi will travel to Tehran on Saturday and meet with Mohammad Eslami, the head of AEOI.

The IAEA Director General's visit to Tehran may be related to his initiative to reach a joint roadmap to resolve safeguards issues between Iran and the IAEA.

It is probable that Grossi will have meetings with other officials of Iran during this trip.

It seems that the process of interaction between Iran and the IAEA is significantly improving.

The closure of the inquiry into one of the Agency's most noticed four locations in the Director-General's latest report is evidence of the improvement in the interaction process.

According to reports received from Vienna, the negotiations between Iran and the IAEA over the past ten days have been complicated and challenging, but maintaining professional relations and continuous cooperation between AEOI and IAEA in recent days, along with constructive initiatives and creativity of both sides, have made a significant contribution to the continuation of the dialogue between Iran and the IAEA.

Current safeguards issues between Iran and the IAEA have become one of the main factors in the slow pace of the Vienna talks, and if Grossi's visit to Tehran can help achieve a joint roadmap for resolving ongoing safeguards issues between Iran and the IAEA, one could be hopeful that the significant obstacles to reaching an agreement on the lifting of sanctions in Vienna could be removed.


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