Tehran (IP) - Russia launched an attack against Ukraine on February 25, ignoring Western propaganda and warnings. This attack has two lessons for the international community.

Iran PressCommentary: The first lesson is an obvious but overlooked issue. Realists argue that the military is a base for power.

Having modern military equipment and efficient military manpower is a key power component. When the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990s, Ukraine was the world's third-largest nuclear power with 5,000 warheads, but it delivered them to Russia for destruction, which meant that it had lost its deterrence.

"I am convinced that the delivery of the Ukrainian nuclear arsenal was a political mistake, and we should not have made the mistake," said Sergei Burdyliak, Ukraine's ambassador to Tehran.

"We all (Ukrainians) were deceived and praised the treaty, so we are all to blame," wrote Yuri Kostenko, a prominent Ukrainian politician, in his book Ukraine's Nuclear Disarmament. "Nuclear disarmament was carried out with the consent and admiration of the Ukrainian people and with the support of the media and propaganda, but now it has become clear that those assessments were completely wrong as if Ukraine were the second Iraq whose regime was overthrown by an international aggression."

The second important lesson of the crisis for the West Asian region is the consequences of over-trusting Western powers.

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The international relations' experts believe that the principle of security is self-reliance, and each country must provide its security because no other government is committed to its safety.

Today, all Persian Gulf Cooperation Council's members consider the Western powers to maintain their security and are entirely dependent on them in terms of security, hoping that these powers will support them when a foreign power attacks them.

One of the most severe strategic mistakes of the Ukrainian government has been to arrange its strategies based on the promises of the West.

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In the current crisis between Ukraine and Russia, what has been evident so far is that Western support for Ukraine will remain limited just by imposing new sanctions against Russia, and the West and the US, will not wage war against Russia because the battle is not in their interests.

The reactions of Western officials have remained critical and sympathetic.

"He is terrified of what is happening in Ukraine and hopes that Ukraine will be able to resist," British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a telephone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

"France strongly condemns Russia's decision to go to war with Ukraine," French President Emmanuel Macron wrote on Twitter.

"France has expressed solidarity with Ukraine and stands by it."

While threatening Russia with massive sanctions, US President Joe Biden said the world's prayer is with Ukraine.

"Tonight, Jill and I are praying for the brave and proud people of Ukraine."

The Ukraine crisis has proven that the Islamic Republic, which emphasizes strengthening its military capabilities and is unwilling to negotiate with Western powers over its military power, is on the right track.

The reality of the Ukraine crisis is that security can never be compromised.


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