Tehran (IP) - Malian Foreign Minister called Iran a role model for scientific progress amid pressure from global arrogance.

Iran PressIran News: Washington has always voiced its concerns over Iran’s scientific progress. 

In the latest development, following the launch of research devices into space by Tehran, which marked another major milestone in Iran’s scientific progress, a US State Department spokesperson said: “The United States remains concerned with Iran’s development of space launch vehicles.”  

During a meeting with the Iranian Minister of Science, Research, and Technology Mohammad Ali Zolfigol, Malian Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop said: “The Islamic Republic, with its scientific and technological advances, is a model for countries that want to stand up to global arrogance and their oppressive sanctions.”

“Mali has been sanctioned by some American, European, and African countries, and we are interested in using Iran’s experience to develop science and technology,” Abdoulaye Diop said.

Iran’s minister of science, research, and technology also said in the meeting: “Iran ranked 15th in science production in the world and first in the region, so it pays special attention to transferring its experiences in science and technology to friendly and brotherly countries.”


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