Hengam (IP) - Hengam Island in Hormozgan Province, southern Iran, with its red color in the Persian Gulf, always shines like a jewel, and in the meantime, the joyous playing of dolphins has doubled the beauty of Hengam Island.

Iran PressIran News: The collective life of dolphins and their joy and dancing on Hengam Island show beautiful natural features in the Persian Gulf and is an attraction that draws tourists to this region to watch the dolphins dance.

Dolphins are present on Hengam Island every year during the autumn and winter seasons until mid-spring, and during this period, dolphins excite tourists on the shores of this beautiful Iranian island by playing and showing collective joy.

9 km long and 6 km wide, Hengam Island is located 2 km away from Qeshm Island, and the beautiful beach of this island is rocky and sandy.


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