Top negotiators of P4+1 and Iran met on Wednesday night to finalize the text of the intensive diplomatic negotiations in Vienna.

Iran PressEurope: The eighth round of talks in Vienna, focusing on lifting oppressive and illegal sanctions against Iran, began on December 27, 2021. The negotiations have progressed due to the initiatives of the Iranian negotiating team, focusing on two issues of verification and guarantees and turning ideas into words and phrases.

Iran’s top negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani was busy exchanging viewpoints with the Russian top negotiator Mikhail Ulyanov and deputy EU foreign policy chief Enrique Mora at Coburg Hotel.

Last night the P4+1 and the American negotiating team met in Vienna.

The US delegation and the P4+1 talks were around the trend of the ongoing Vienna negotiations.

While the probability of reaching a final agreement still exists, the While House has been focusing on issues aside from the negotiations’ process, trying to avoid the tough task of adopting difficult political decisions.

The Iranian delegation has emphasized that the more serious the other side will be in lifting the sanctions the sooner the final agreement will be achieved.