Iranian researchers produce hybrid seeds

Tehran (IP) - The scientific and technical deputy of the Iranian Biological Resource Center announced that Iranian researchers have acquired the technical knowledge to produce hybrid seeds of vegetables.

Iran PressIran news: Hybrid seed industry is a vital field determining to what extent a country can expand its agricultural activities, create jobs in the sector, secure its food safety and reduce its vulnerability in the face of environmental, economic, and political crises. 

Deputy of the Iranian Biological Resource Center, Reza Azarbayjani said on Wednesday: "The necessary infrastructure has been provided for the industrial production of hybrid seeds of vegetables in Iran."

He described hybrid seeds as improved seeds and said: "Increased yield and resistance to diseases are the most important advantages of these seeds."

Azarbayjani added: "With this measure, both the positive characteristics of imported seeds and the taste and flavor of seeds will be preserved during a breeding project."


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