Iran's President:
Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi (R) And Rawil Gaynutdin (L)

Moscow (IP) - Referring to the detriments of extremists to Islam, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran said that we Muslims must be sensitive to the takfiri movement.

Iran PressEurope: Speaking on Thursday during a meeting with Rawil Gaynutdin, Chairman of the Council of Muftis of Russia, Ebrahim Raisi referred to the good relations between Iran and Russia and said, "This trip will be a turning point in economic, political and especially cultural relations between the two countries."

The President added, "Relations with the Muslims of Russia are of special importance for the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Raisi pointed out, "One of the characteristics of Russia is that the followers of the divine and Abrahamic religions live together with their beliefs."

He emphasized the high position of the mosque in Islam, noting, "Mosques are the center of communication between Muslims, the centre of worship of God, a place to inform people about issues and a place to create hope."

Raisi stated, "What we should be worried about today along with atheism is the issue of extremism. Extremism and takfir are detrimental to Muslims".The President noted, "Some people have damaged the religion of God in the name of Islam, and we must be sensitive to the takfiri movement."

Iran's President added, "Our position and that of Russia in Syria was not against the infidels but against the agent of the arrogance and the Israel regime."

Raisi also accepted the invitation of the Chairman of the Russian Mufti Council to visit the Moscow Grand Mosque and stressed the need to prevent deviation among Muslims."We understand how important your meeting with the President of Russia is, and this meeting is very important for the Muslims of Russia as well," said Rawil Gaynutdin, Chairman of the Council of Muftis of Russia.

"Your prayer in the Kremlin was very symbolic and significant, and they wrote to me from Finland that the blessing came into the Kremlin," he said.

Iranian President left Tehran to Moscow on Wednesday morning, following an official invitation from the Russian President, Vladimir Putin in a two-day trip aiming to expand bilateral cooperation in political and economic affairs.


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