Iraqi lawmakers attend the first session of the new Iraqi parliament in Baghdad, January 9, 2022. Iraqi Parliament Media Office/Handout via REUTERS

Baghdad (IP) - Iraq’s parliament held its first session since October’s national election on Sunday and finally, Mohammed al-Halbousi became the speaker of parliament for the second time.

Iran PressMiddle East: Selecting the parliament speaker was the first step toward forming a new government in Iraq.

According to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), the speaker selection process was disrupted at first as the competing political blocs each claimed to hold a parliamentary majority. After heated debates and shouting among lawmakers, the temporary leader of the assembly, Mahmoud al-Mashahadani, decided to adjourn the session and then after the session continued, Mohammed al-Halbousi was selected as the speaker.

Parliament had been due to elect a speaker and two deputies during its first meeting.

Parliament also has 30 days from the first session to elect the country’s new president, who will then ask the largest bloc in parliament to form a government.


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