Tehran (IP) - The currency from exports is returning to foreign exchange resources and hence, the country's revenues are increasing, says Iran's president.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi attended parliament's open session to discuss the general points of the 2022 budget bill (starting on March 21).

He stated that the cooperation between the administration and the parliament is progressing, noting that the laws on lifting sanctions, housing, and boosting domestic production are being pursued.

He addressed the MPs, saying: "You are in touch with the people and there is hope that their livelihood problems will be solved. Measures have been taken in this regard and the administration is trying to fulfill its promises objectively and practically."

Raisi reiterated that his administration's goal is the objective and practical fulfillment of its promises regarding people's livelihood.

Statistics show a downward in inflation

"Based on the statistics, inflation has started to decline and be controlled," President Ebrahim Raisi said in his speech at Parliament.

Speaking on Sunday at the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Ebrahim Raisi said: "My today's presence in the parliament is due to respect for the law and regulations of the parliament and to explain the 1401 budget bill, because in the last session and on the day the bill was submitted, I talked about the dimensions and indices of the 1401 budget."

The President added: "Today, convergence between the parliament and the government is necessary, and in order to solve the problems of the people, those who care about the revolution expect that this convergence and overlap takes place."

Regarding housing construction, Raisi said: "The government seeks to implement the housing construction law, and this is both our promise and the resolution of the parliament and what people want."

Referring to the support for production, Ayatollah Raisi said: "What was approved in the parliament and what the government is pursuing are all on the same side. This convergence and support is what the people want in order to solve their problems."

Regarding the control of inflation in the thirteenth government, the President said: "Based on the statistics, inflation has started to decline and be controlled."


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