An explosion shook Ataq city, the capital of the Shabwah governorate in eastern Yemen, hours after the arrival of forces belonging to the UAE-backed Giants Brigades.

Iran Press/Middle East: The explosion happened hours after the arrival of the UAE-backed Giants Brigades to the airport controlled by the Al-Islah party forces.

The mercenary forces arrived in the Shabwa governorate only 3 days after Yemen's former president Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi dismissed the governor Muhammad bin Adyo, affiliated with the  Al-Islah party, and appointed Awad Al-Awlaqi, affiliated with the Transitional Council, to replace him.

Al Mayadeen correspondent confirmed that the airport was bombed with missiles, although, the blast was not confirmed to have caused deaths and injuries to this moment. The spokesperson of the Giants Brigades denied in a tweet any damages on Ataq Airport.