Tehran (IP) – Head of the Center for Infectious Diseases Management of Iran's Health Ministry says the Omicron variant is raging in the world, adding that it is currently in the early stages in Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Attending an online presser held at Health Ministry on Monday, Mohammad-Mehdi Gooya stated that efforts had been made to establish more vaccination centers in order to streamline the vaccination process.

He noted that there are special centers for patients with weakened immune systems, and if one needs to receive a particular vaccine, they will receive the vaccine recommended by their doctor without a delay. So far, a center has been set up for this kind of vaccination in each city.

Gooya said: "It is too early to judge the new variant, highlighting that the scientists are working on it."

"We have the opportunity in the country to identify the two-way combination of Delta and Omicron, but perhaps in the future we can talk about the issue more decisively," he added.

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Mohammad-Mehdi Gooya pointed out that the Omicron variant is raging in the world, and it is in its early stages in Iran; he expressed hope for Iran to be able to prevent the fast spread of the virus.


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