Tehran (IP) - Iran's President described environmental protection as a cause of power, security and a kind of long-term investment and growth of the country's products.

Iran PressIran News: "In order to protect the environment, the university should be strengthened as a think tank with the executive apparatus," Ebrahim Raisi said on Friday at a meeting with elites and environmental activists, which was held on the occasion of the anniversary of the announcement of general environmental policies by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Referring to the necessity and importance of paying attention to the environment, the President said: "Human society should be sensitive to aggression against the environment. Unfortunately, major world powers make the worst use of the environment and then, through a mechanism, use the environment as a weapon against developing countries, such as the issue of human rights."

Raisi added: "Preservation of the environment should be considered as a divine gift for human life and all living beings, and in this regard, it is necessary to create structures appropriate to this great mission and correct some incorrect behaviours."

Emphasizing the priority of paying attention to the environment over development and economic activity, and that development is a subset of the environment, the President said: "Although development and economic activities are a necessary issue, they must have an environmental attachment and pay attention to the environment."


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