Zahedan (IP) - In an interview with Iran Press, the commander of the Southeast Regional Headquarters of the Islamic Republic of Iran explained the Ground Battle in the 'Zolfaqar 1400' joint drills in three stages.

Iran PressIran News: Second Brigadier General Amir Gholamalian stated that a 'Coastal Defense Exercise' was conducted in the first stage where successful countermeasures were taken against the enemy.

In another stage, he said, an 'Ambush' was planned and carried out, and the main phase of the exercise,'Coordinated Attack,' ended with achieving all predetermined goals.

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The 'Zolfiqar 1400' joint drill, which began its preliminary stages last week, has entered its main stages since Sunday.

The 3rd day of the drill is underway using a part of the combat capability of the land, naval, air, and defense forces in a large area from the east of the Strait of Hormuz to Pasabandar on the Iran-Pakistan border and at sea up to 10 degrees north and part of the Red Sea.

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Meanwhile, the Head of Iran's Army Ground Forces Relief and Treatment Department explained a fully equipped field hospital set up in the area of the 'Zolfiqar 1400' joint drill.

In an interview with Iran Press, Behzad Moazzeni said that the Zulfiqar drill was held with all forces' in full authority and health.

"Due to the scale of the drills, a fully equipped field hospital was set up in the area with the attendance of  Physicins, specialists, and ancillary services to ensure the health of the forces and the local people."

He said locals used specialized services, including radiology, laboratory, specialist visits, and surgery at the hospital.

He stated that all forces are in perfect health according to the observance of health protocols, COVID tests, and vaccinations.


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