A delegation from the Arab League will visit the Lebanese capital, Beirut, next Monday, to discuss the escalation with the Persian Gulf Arab countries, against the background of the statements of Lebanon's Minister of Information, Reuters said.

Iran PressMiddle East: The agency quoted an unnamed source as saying that the delegation would be headed by Hossam Zaki, Deputy Secretary-General of the Arab League.

Last week, Saudi Arabia summoned its ambassador to Beirut and gave the Lebanese ambassador in the Kingdom 48 hours to leave the country, a step followed by Kuwait and Bahrain, while the UAE summoned its diplomats.

On Thursday, Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati affirmed his determination to resolve the crisis with the Gulf states and announced a road plan agreed upon with President Michel Aoun.

Mikati called on the Lebanese Minister of Information to give priority to the national interest and the realization of his conscience, but George Kordahi confirmed after that that he will not resign and that his position has not changed.

Saudi Arabia’s disproportionate reaction to remarks to Kordahi long before he was appointed as information minister is aimed at overthrowing the new Lebanese government, some experts on Arab affairs believe.