Tehran (IP): The Minister of Agricultural Jihad of Iran underscored the development of agricultural cooperation between Iran and Norway, especially in the field of technology transfer and the development of investments in Iran's fisheries projects.

Iran PressIran News: The Minister of Agricultural Jihad of Iran, Javad Sadati Nejad, in a meeting with the Ambassador of Norway to Iran, Seigo Al-Dutomin Hauger, said: "The basis for more cooperation between the two countries in the field of fisheries, forestry and rangeland management has been provided."

He said: "We have the capacity for pisciculture in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman, which is ready for investment, and we can cooperate in this field."

"Iran is a country with high goals in the field of agriculture in the region, and we hope to be able to cooperate in the field of fisheries, aquaculture and agriculture," said Norwegian Ambassador to Iran.

He also added: "The problems caused by the sanctions should not stop the cooperation between Iran and Norway."

Norwegian Ambassador to Iran also stressed: “We want to have a webinar on agricultural issues between the two countries as soon as possible to talk about future cooperation steps.”

Norway and Iran have had diplomatic relations since 1908 and the Norwegian Embassy in Tehran opened in 1959.


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