Tehran (IP) - The spokesman for the joint commission meeting to review the plan to protect users in cyberspace in Iran's Parliament stressed that MPs and commission members do not intend to restrict the internet and cyberspace.

Iran PressIran news: At the end of the joint commission meeting to review the plan for protecting users in cyberspace on Sunday, Lotfollah Siahkali added: "In the forum, 23 members present sensitively followed and reviewed the relevant issues."

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency, the spokesman for the commission said, "We must finally try to reach a comprehensive solution and respect the rights of all activists in cyberspace so that people can do their business in a suitable and safe environment."

"Currently, the Iranian people are facing many dangers in cyberspace, and we must make the environment safe for the people," Lotfollah Siahkali added.

The plan to protect users' rights in cyberspace and organize social media was first published as a draft to support social media in the 10th Parliament and was published in October 1997 on a monthly basis. In the end, the review of this plan did not reach the life of this Parliament, and its review was left to the 11th Parliament with changes in it. In August 2021, the plan was announced in the 11th Parliament.


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