Kabul (IP)- Dozens of worshipers were martyred and about 100 others were injured in two explosions on Friday in the Bibi Fatemeh Mosque, known as Imam Bargah in Kandahar. This is the second explosion at a Shia mosque in Afghanistan in the past week.

Iran Presscommentary: Hundreds of people were killed and injured in a bomb blast at a Shia mosque in Kunduz last Friday. The October 16 bombing comes as the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan and promised that such crimes would not be repeated after the Kunduz terrorist bombing and that the group would be able to provide security for the Afghan people, especially the Shias.

The Taliban is facing attacks that it carried out during the previous Afghan government, and now rival Taliban groups operating under the name of the terrorist group ISIS are carrying out attacks against this group and the people of Afghanistan. This means that the Taliban are familiar with the method of carrying out such attacks and can easily control them. Therefore, the repetition of such terrorist attacks in the Shia mosque is doubtful.

Frans Elias, an expert on political issues in Lebanon, believes that a clear vision for Afghanistan's security is inconceivable. Just as the United States failed after two decades in Afghanistan. Therefore, the only solution to the Afghan crisis is a national consensus.

Terrorist groups today challenged the security capability of the Taliban while the bombing took place in Kandahar. The city is a traditional stronghold of the Taliban, and the terrorist act of killing Shia in Kandahar is not only very worrying for the group in terms of prestige, but the terrorists have also shown in practice that they have the ability to target the Taliban stronghold, and this can be a concern for the people of this city as well.

Therefore, the important question is what security and appropriate measures have the Taliban group taken in the past week, ie after the terrorist attack in Kunduz, to ensure the security of the Afghan people? Although the Taliban have apparently taken a passive stance on killing Shias, there is no doubt that terrorists are using security loopholes to endanger the lives of all Afghans.

Iran's Embassy in Kabul condemns Kandahar mosque attack

Abdul Basit, a researcher at the Rajarat Institute for International Studies in Singapore, says, "The persistence of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan shows that no group can claim creating security in this country alone or claim a monopoly of power in Afghanistan, and that is why the Taliban is in a more difficult situation."

In any case, the Taliban's condemnation of terrorist crimes is a repetition of the bloody events during Ashraf Ghani's presidency that were perpetrated by the Taliban and other armed groups and condemned by former government officials.

Therefore, until the Taliban move towards the formation of an inclusive government and the use of all ethnic and religious capacities in the government, the possibility that the remnants of the previous government's intelligence agencies are involved in killing people is not far from the mind.

Terrorists are targeting the Shia community, who think the Taliban are not so sensitive about their fate, as the killing of Shias is fueling the religious war in Afghanistan is pursued with greater regional and international sensitivity.

By: Majid Vaghari


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