"Iran warns against any miscalculations and possible military adventure by the Israeli against the country, including Tehran's nuclear program," Ambassador to the United Nations said in a letter to the current president of the Security Council.

Iran PressAmerica: On Wednesday, Majid Takht-Ravanchi wrote a letter to the current chairman of the Security Council in response to recent threats from the Israeli regime.

"Over the past few months, the number and intensity of the Israeli regime's provocative and adventurous threats have steadily increased and reached alarming levels," the letter said.

The latest case was made by the Israeli chief of staff, who threatened that "operational plans against Iran's nuclear program are expanding" and that "operations to destroy Iran's capabilities in various fields will continue at any time," the letter went on to say.

"Such explicit systematic threats by the Israeli regime against one of the founding members of the United Nations are a gross violation of international law, in particular Article 2 (4) of the Charter of the United Nations," it added

"The fact that the Israeli regime continues to "destroy Iran's capabilities" proves without a doubt that it has been responsible for terrorist attacks against our peaceful nuclear program in the past," Takht-Ravanchi stated.

"Given the ominous history of the Israeli regime's destabilizing practices in the region, as well as its covert operations against Iran's nuclear program, it must be forced to stop all threats and disruptive behavior," he concluded.