Algerian security forces foiled a plot to carry out an armed attack by separatists backed by Israel and a North African country.

Iran PressAfrica: Seventeen members of a separatist group that authorities have declared a terrorist organization called "MAK" were arrested and documents indicating continuous contact with the "the Zionist entity" organizations and weapons were seized, Ennahar TV said on Wednesday.

A search of the suspects' homes turned up some documents showing that they were linked to Zionist institutions.

Some weapons and equipment and leaflets belonging to the Mac terrorist group were also seized.

In August, the government accused MAK and another group of being behind the devastating forest fires, which hit several provinces in Algeria, including Tizi Ouzou, adding that one of them was backed by Morocco and Israel.

Algeria cut diplomatic relations with Morocco later in August, citing what it called hostile actions by its most populous neighbor with which it has had strained relations for decades.