Britain’s Brexit minister is demanding an overhaul of an agreement on trade rules for Northern Ireland while accusing the European Union of sabotage and taking anti-British positions.

Iran PressEurope: Britain set itself on course for a new confrontation with the European Union on Tuesday by demanding the replacement of one of the most complex and vexing components of Brexit: the status of Northern Ireland.

According to British media, In a speech to diplomats in Lisbon, David Frost, the Conservative government’s Brexit minister, asked for an overhaul of an agreement on post-Brexit trade rules for Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom but shares a politically sensitive land border with Ireland, a European Union country.

The move is a serious escalation in a simmering dispute over how Northern Ireland fits into the British withdrawal from the European Union.

The European Union (EU) has strongly condemned the British government's unilateral decision to continue controlling food imports and exports between Britain and Northern Ireland, calling it a fundamental violation of the Brexit agreement.

Officials in Northern Ireland have said they want to stay in the EU after the UK withdrawal from the EU, and now, after decades of dependence on Britain, they want to decide on their future. 219