Over 700 residents were ordered to abandon their homes on Tuesday on the Spanish island of La Palma as red-hot lava advanced towards their neighborhood.

Iran PressEurope: As the river of molten magma descended from the Cumbre Vieja volcano in the northeast of Canary Island, authorities ordered between 700 and 800 inhabitants of La Laguna to leave home with their belongings and pets, according to the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan (Pevolca).

Emergency services wrote on Twitter on Tuesday a new evacuation order was issued “owing to the forecast of the advance of the lava flow”.

There were 64 seismic movements on Tuesday, the strongest measuring 4.1, the Spanish National Geological Institute said.

La Palma airport remained open but 11 flights were canceled on Tuesday and others were delayed, airport operator AENA said. 219