The head of Iran-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group of the Iranian Parliament and the vice speaker of the Pakistani Parliament stressed the support of Islamic world's unity against the enemies' separationist plots.

Iran PressAsia: Iran's Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani and Pakistan's Qasim Khan Suri exchanged views on relations between Iran and Pakistan, interactions between the two countries' Parliaments, economic and border cooperation, and especially the security developments in the region.

Amirabadi Farahani said: "The world's arrogant powers, namely the United States and the Israeli regime, are powerless against the unity of Muslims, but any differences and divisions will lead to the success of the enemies and global arrogant powers to harm the Islamic world."

He said Iran spared no efforts to help the world's oppressed nations, especially the Muslims, from Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, to Kashmir. 

Still, the Iranian MP slammed the US discriminatory approach towards Iran and noted: "We expect friendly countries like Pakistan to take practical steps to overcome sanctions and facilitate the trade through netting, the use of local currencies and the expansion of cross-border markets." 

Vice Speaker of the Pakistani Parliament said for his part that the Pakistani Parliament, especially the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan, was determined to deepen relations with Iran.

Qasim Khan Suri pointed to the strategic situation of the two countries in the region and their responsibility for joint confrontation with the regional and international challenges, especially Islamophobia, noting that the consolidation of the Islamic unity to pass through the common crises and challenges were inevitable. 

"Promoting parliamentary diplomacy plays an important role in helping to develop bilateral relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan in all areas," he added. 

The meeting of members of the Iran-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group was held in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan o


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