Tehran (IP) - The Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran(AEOI) says the country has pursued its nuclear activities for peaceful purposes.

Iran PressIran news: Mohammad Eslami also called on the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) to encourage and support peaceful nuclear activities.

Iranian top nuclear official added: "We should not keep our talks with IAEA confidential, and we should post these talks on the IAEA website for all countries to read, because when we respond to the IAEA letter in secret, it will not be published and they will make propaganda."

He added that many independent countries also complained about the influence of the powerful countries in such international organizations. 

Eslami explains how the camera installation works out with IAEA

Eslami elsewhere elaborated on the cameras installed in the Iranian nuclear facilities, including the Safeguard-related cameras and the cameras related to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action(JCPOA) known as the JCPOA-related cameras.

As with the latter, he said the memory tapes of cameras installed as a part of the safeguard agreement were scrutinized on the spot, scraped then, and put in envelopes with the fragments, and finally given to the Atomic Energy Organization as one of the obliterated items to be sealed and discarded so that no one has access to them.

"But in the case of the JCPOA-related cameras, the IAEA inspectors take out the old memory card, seal it, then keep it in a safe place; the memory card are not reviewed and the inspector do not have access and they only insert the new memory card," Eslami explored. 

He then pointed to the JCPOA-related cameras and said: "The point was that the cameras were damaged in a terrorist operation, and they wanted to install a new camera on the Karaj site, which we told them was not necessary, because the JCPOA was a bilateral deal between Iran and the P5+1, where the group, especially the European and American parties, did not fulfill their obligations, so there is no justification to install those camera".

Iran has shown a high level of trust towards IAEA

The Head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization pointed to the US' hindering of other courtiers' peaceful nuclear activities, saying Iran's Arak heavy water reactor was established to help produce radiopharmaceuticals. Still, as it was shut down, its heavy water was supposed to be sold and exported according to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action(JCPOA), but the US could not tolerate Iran's command of new technologies, too.    


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