Russia calls Iran's decision to join SCO beneficial

The representative of the Russian President in the affairs of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has stated that Russia and its partners consider the decision of Iran to join this organization beneficial.

Iran PressEurope: "According to the remarks and promises made by the former and the new president of Iran about Tehran's readiness to use its capabilities in to strengthen the Shanghai Organization, a very serious ground is provided based on which the decision on Iran's membership in this organization will be very beneficial," Bakhtiar Hakimon noted in an online meeting on Friday. 

The relevant decision on part of the SCO was taken based on the analysis of the outcome of the factors, and in this regard, Iran's membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is in line with the positions of SCO partners, the official went on to say.

As Hakimov highlighted, the Russian side believes that Iran will actively participate in a wider format in the world, such as the fight against terrorism, the fight against drug trafficking, and restoring stability and security in the region.

"We believe that Iran is an active participant in the One-Belt, One-Road initiative, and north-south international crossover project," said the Russian president's envoy to the SCO, noting that the development of transportation infrastructure would allow Iran to count on expanding transportation structures and ensuring transportation security.

"Iran is ready to participate in the food security of Shanghai member states," Hakimov stressed.

The Russian official also called for attention to be paid to Iran's privileged geopolitical position and the Islamic Republic's economic and political capabilities in accepting its membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. 

The SCO Summit was held on September 17 in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, and it was decided to start the process of Iran's membership in the organization.


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