The spokesman of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday called US as the culprit of all of Afghanistan's current problems and crisis.

Iran Press/Asia: The spokesman of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a news conference held on Friday said: "As the culprit of the Afghan issue, the US is more obligated than any other country to provide the Afghan people with economic, livelihood and humanitarian assistance,"

Zhao Lijian added that all these should be "on the basis of respecting Afghanistan sovereignty and independence."

The Afghan war waged by the US after 9/11 lasted 20 years," highlighted he.

Stressing the fact that the Double standard must be abandoned to crack down on terrorism, China's top diplomat stated: "Terrorism is a common scourge that afflicts the entire human society. To combat it is the shared responsibility of the international community. All countries must join forces for the same purpose."


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