Tehran (IP) -  The Deputy Head of Planning and Budget Commission announced on Sunday the formation of a joint committee of the Raisi Administration and the Parliament to reform the country's subsidy system to eradicate the grounds that led to special privileges for certain individuals and groups.

Iran PressIran news: Emphasizing the need to reform and eradicate corruption's grounds, in an interview with Iran Press, Mohammad Reza Mirtaj Al-Dini said: "Failure to precisely implement the law, legal gaps, and wrong decisions lead to corruptions related to providing special privileges to some certain individuals and groups in the country." 

Referring to the approval of the 4,200 Toman currency in the previous administration, the MP stated that the officials had run the country for several years due to the approval of this currency in the trade.

Many took advantage of this currency but did not import goods, and the difference between the prices set by the administration and the price of the goods in the market increased the prices, leading to corruption.

Pointing out that the Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission will chair the committee, the MP said: "The committee will take an economic look at the country's issues."

"Economic Commissions, the Planning and Budget Organization, the Central Bank, and the private sectors' representatives are invited to the committee. The decision is to be made within three months to reform the subsidy system so that the grounds for corruption in the country are eliminated. Its plan would be presented to the parliament," Mirtaj Al-Dini said.


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