The Foreign Minister says Iran welcomes rational negotiations, but it is looking for talks that will achieve a tangible result in the interests and rights of the Iranian nation.

Iran PressIran news: Hossein Amir Abdullahian made the comments in an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic of Iran's Broadcasting (IRIB) Monday evening.

He pointed to the Vienna talks, saying: "I think the first mistake of the Americans is that sometimes they say in interviews that their proposals will not remain on the table forever, or if Iran does not negotiate in Vienna, they have other options; These words are repetitive and boring."

He continued: "I told the EU negotiator very clearly that the Americans will not get any results from the literature of threatening others until they learn to speak politely to the great nation of Iran, and if they want to continue this literature, it is not a constructive message for the new government in Tehran."

He went on to say: "We have clearly stated to the other side that the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes negotiations that are governed by logic, and we certainly do not seek to escape from the negotiating table, but it is a very important point; The new government of Iran seeks negotiations that will have tangible achievements in the interests and rights of the Iranian people."

He said: "I explicitly told the other side that you should not imagine that the Iranian parliament and government now support each other and that this is an opportunity for them to resolve everything in one meeting at the negotiating table."

"The parliament expects the new government to ensure the maximum rights of the Iranian people in the negotiations, so I told the other side that you must change your approach to the negotiations and no one accepts wasting time, and the negotiations must have a tangible result."

"Negotiation is one of the tools of diplomacy, and we hope that good things will happen in this regard and that the other parties will be present at the negotiating table based on wisdom, not non-constructive messages."

Regarding the next round of talks, he said: "The other side understands that it takes two to three months for the new government to be established and to plan for any decision; Of course, this is definitely one of the issues on the agenda of foreign policy and the government."

Elsewhere in the interview, Amir Abdullahian pointed to the Afghanistan developments. saying: "We support a government in Afghanistan in which the views of Afghans and their right to self-determination to be taken into account and an inclusive government should be formed with the participation of all Afghan ethnic groups and a unique political solution to get out of problems."

"We support a secure and stable Afghanistan that lives in peace with its neighbors and, of course, an Afghanistan whose people play a role in determining their own destiny."