Tehran (IP) - In defense of his plans on Tuesday, the proposed Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, told the lawmakers in the open session of the parliament that he would compensate the backlogs of the country.

Iran PressIran news: Reza Fatemi-Amin noted that the only way to the prosperity of the Iranian nation was the realization of the Islamic new civilization in the light of which the backlogs of the country must be compensated. 

Fatmi-Amin interdicted the administration and Ministry of Trade from turning to be an enterprise, stressing that the ministry must be a partner of the enterprises rather than a rival to them.  

He also emphasized the boosting of the business environment, including the private sector, strengthening foreign and domestic markets, synergizing business enterprises, integrating demands, as well as presenting a report of his performance to the lawmakers every three-month. 

Fatemi-Amin called inflation a chronic disease of the Iranian economy and stated that treatment of illness would take 2 to 3 years.

The new administration was focusing on solving the problem of inflation, and efforts would be made to reduce the inflation rate in comparison to that of the last year and approximated to below 10.

The session of Iran's Parliament for the vote of confidence to the proposed ministers of Ebrahim Raisi's cabinet began on Saturday in the presence of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran with a speech by the Speaker of the Parliament, and the procedure is still continuing. 


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