Pres. Raisi:
Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi

Tehran (IP) - In a message commemorating the anniversary of the return of veterans of war to Islamic Iran, the President called the veterans as the living martyrs and a symbol of love for the homeland that the moments of their proud return with the rain of tears.

Iran PressIran news: The text of Ebrahim Raisi's message reads: " August 17, 1990, is the anniversary of the return of the glorious veterans of war to the embrace of the Islamic homeland.

The coincidence of the anniversary of this proud return with Ashura is reminiscent of the path of the captives of Karbala followed by the dear veterans and their resistance and perseverance in the face of oppression.

Undoubtedly, the return of the honorable veterans and their release from the camps of the Ba'athist regime in Iraq was one of the most important and pleasant events of 1990 for the Iranian nation."

According to the President, the memorable event of the return of the zealous and proud veterans was in fact another manifestation of the victory of the honorable nation of Iran during the eight years of holy defense.

The Supreme Leader called these resilient people, who patiently managed to turn the hard and boring period of captivity into the sweetness of the days of freedom and return to their homeland, brilliant diamonds.

The veterans; these brilliant diamonds of the sacred defense showed the great meaning and example of faith and resistance and became a symbol of the stability of the great nation of Iran.


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