Tehran(IP)- Iran's President, in a meeting with senior government officials on Monday, said that the way to save the country is moderation and constructive interaction also, the era of extremism and radicalism in the world is over.

Iran PressIran News: After the Joint comprehensive plan of Action (JCPOA), we bought 16 planes, and billions of Iran's frozen dollars were released, and projects were opened," said Hassan Rouhani.

Referring to Trump's withdrawal from the nuclear deal, the president stressed: "When we agree with a country, it is not permanent. We do not have a permanent agreement in history. Now we have to see if it was better to agree at that time or not. When Iran agreed with the West on its nuclear program, some Arab countries, Zionists, and American extremists lobbied to undermine it."

He noted: "The Saudi foreign minister went to Geneva and the Israeli foreign minister to Europe and told the Americans not to negotiate now, and we will make oil cheaper. We made the agreement as ISIS rising, among the region's insecurity, under pressure, and with $30 oil for a Barrell."


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