Tehran (IP) - The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran inaugurated the national projects of the Ministry of Energy.

Iran Press/Iran news: Hassan Rouhani on Saturday via video conferencing ordered to open water treatment plant and water supply line to Babol and Babolsar and 4 cities and 57 villages with a population of approximately 600,000 people, water treatment plant and water supply to Khalkhal in Ardabil province, Konarak wastewater treatment plant in Sistan And Baluchistan, Horeh water treatment plant in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, water supply to Hajiabad (Zarrin Dasht) of Fars province, completion of the operation of Hayat reservoir dam in Fars province, 3 small scale power plants in Fars province, intake of Khaiz dam and Arghun dam in Bushehr province and 13 30 MW renewable power plant in 9 provinces.

Today, the executive operation of constructing the sewage of Bandar Abbas city was started by the order of the president.

After the Minister of Energy had reported on yesterday's visit to Khuzestan province along with the first vice president and a group of ministers and taking the necessary decisions in this trip to solve the water problem and accelerate the implementation of water and sewage projects providing the necessary resources, the President said: "Khuzestan province and the dear people of this province are of great importance to all of us and the good people of this land have always been the defenders of Islamic Iran."

Referring to the recent problems in Khuzestan province due to extreme heat and water shortages caused by drought and reduced rainfall, Iran’s president said: "Fortunately, with the measures taken and efforts made, part of the problem has been solved and we hope the rest of this problems will also be resolved with the visit of the First Vice President and a number of government ministers to the province and the adoption of immediate and necessary decisions according to the order and emphasis of the Leader of the Islamic Republic (Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei) in this regard."

Hassan Rouhani said in a meeting to inagurate the national projects: "For all of us, the people of Khuzestan province and Khuzestan itself, has special importance."

He noted: "These days, we are witnessing problems for the lives of the people of Khuzestan province in terms of water and the intensity of the heat, which has reduced the entrance of waters to the dams and in general the people have found problems."

The President expressed hope that with the presence of Mr. Jahangiri, First Vice President, Minister of Energy and other officials, the rest of the problems will be reduced in the coming days.

Rouhani said that 57 national dams have been completed and operated during the 11th and 12th governments. These dams are vital for agriculture, industry and drinking water.

The renewable power plants that opened today have a total capacity of 30 MW, which is very important for our country.


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