Governments around the world used Israeli spyware to spy on journalists, public figures

Human rights group Amnesty International revealed disturbing findings: governments around the globe have been buying up Pegasus spyware from NSO Group and using it to spy on journalists, public figures, and even other world leaders.

Iran PressEurope: Anger has swirled around the globe after activists and researchers found that governments have used Pegasus spyware created by Israeli software firm NSO Group to wiretap journalists and public figures. 

Thousands of phone numbers are on the list, with some of the biggest names including French President Emmanuel Macron and Moroccan journalists Omar Radi, both allegedly wiretapped by Morocco, and journalist Jamal Khashoggi, reportedly wiretapped by his native Saudi Arabia before being killed by a Saudi hit squad at the Saudi consulate in October 2019.
In all, 180 journalists were targeted in 20 countries, including Kazakhstan, India, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Morocco, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mexico, Egypt, Algeria, Togo, Turkey, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. According to The Sputnik, they also targeted at least 65 business executives, 85 human rights activists, 189 journalists, and more than 600 politicians and government officials, including high-level officials like cabinet ministers, diplomats, and military officers. 


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