Islamabad (IP) - The upcoming visit of the Pakistani Minister of Narcotics Control to Iran and the meeting of the Chiefs of Anti-Narcotics Police of Sistan and Baluchestan Province of Iran and Balochistan Province of Pakistan are on the agenda of the two neighboring countries to strengthen cooperation.

Iran PressAsia: Akbar Dorani, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Narcotics Control of Pakistan in Islamabad, who hosted Colonel Omid Sorori, Liaison Officer of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Pakistan, called for increasing the cooperation of the two neighboring countries against narcotic drugs, especially concerning the current scenario in the region including the situation in Afghanistan.

The two sides discussed bilateral relations and a strategic approach to combating drug trafficking on Pakistan's border with Iran.

Iran's Anti-Narcotics Police Liaison Officer praised Pakistan's efforts to eliminate the drug threat in the community.

He also described the planned visit of Pakistani Minister of Narcotics Control "Ijaz Ahmad Shah" to Iran in the coming months, as well as the holding of a joint meeting of our country's Sistan and Baluchestan anti-narcotics and Pakistan's Balochistan province police chiefs significant to strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

The Pakistani side also stressed: "We need mutual cooperation to completely eradicate this evil phenomenon in society."

Colonel Omid Sorori added: "Iran is eager to increase cooperation with Pakistan and expands its support in all possible ways to prevent drugs in society."

Given the current political situation in Afghanistan, Iranian and Pakistani officials have emphasized that reckless elements, especially in the neighboring provinces bordering Pakistan and Iran, are likely to use the situation to spread drug trafficking.

Iran and Pakistan have mutually agreed to be vigilant about developments in Afghanistan and the movements of drug traffickers.

During the Minister of Drug Control of Pakistan to Iran, he pays a visit to Iran's achievements in reducing demand for drugs and treating consumers.


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