Iran, second-largest producer of sponge iron in world

The World Steel Association named Iran the tenth largest steel producer and the world's second-largest producer of sponge iron in 2020.

Iran Press/Iran News: The World Steel Association (Worldsteel) announced that Iran became the tenth-largest steel producer in the world in 2020, producing 29 million tons of crude steel.

The total world production of steel was announced as 1 billion 877 million and 500 thousand tons last year.

China became the world's top steelmaker with a production of 1.64 billion and 800 thousand tons. India and Japan also ranked second and third in the world with production of 100 million and 300 thousand tons and 83 million and 200 thousand tons of crude steel, respectively.

In 2020, Iran became the top producer of sponge iron in the Middle East and the second-largest producer globally by producing 30 million and 200 thousand tons of sponge iron.

The production amount in 2019 was 28 million and 500 thousand tons.

During the year, the total world production of sponge iron was recorded at 106 million tons.

With 33.6 million tons of this product, India continues to be the world's largest producer of sponge iron.


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