China has provided assistance to Tehran to tackle Coronavirus

Beijing (IP) - The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Beijing has stated that China has assisted Iran to fight Corona including equipment and vaccines.

Iran PressAsia: Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh on the sidelines of the Chinese Communist Party leaders conference noted the progress of China said: "In Iran, people with different views all believe that we should exchange views with the China and I think this is a very good way to create a dialogug."

Keshavarzzadeh underlined: "The Chinese people are very peace-loving and want to work together to make progress. Looking at history, we see that the Chinese people have never been aggressors, same as Iranians, but they have been attacked.

As Xi Jinping said in a speech on July 1, the Chinese are not genetically aggressive; China's progress has not been made by colonialism but by the Chinese people trying to achieve their success", Iran's Ambassador reassured.


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