Tehran (IP): The former Iranian Judiciary Chief and President-Elect Raisi says that Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei new Judiciary cheif has a Revolutionary spirit and is always committed to Revolutionary principles.

Iran Press/Iran News: During the inauguration ceremony of the new Iranian Judiciary Chief, President-Elect Ebrahim Raisi said: "I have been working closely with Mr. Mohseni-Ejei for 36 years. He is a competent judge and is very familiar with the judiciary."

The president-elect described Mohseni-Ejei as having a Revolutionary spirit, noting: "He has not been changed over time and he is always committed to Revolutionary principles.” 

He added: "Despite the Corona conditions, we tried our best day and night and our colleagues presented a report that caused the Leader of the Islamic Revolution to comment on June 28 this year. This is an honorary document for the judiciary and our dear colleagues. I am sure that with the management of Mohseni-Ejei and the good colleagues we have in the judiciary, great strides will be made.

Raeisi said: "If there is a success in the judiciary today, it is related to each and every colleagues. It is related to all their efforts made in the judiciary."

Referring to the characteristics of Mohseni Ejei, the president-elect said: "He is now the judiciary Chief, but he has played a role in many developments before."


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