Tehran (IP) - The Western countries' hoarding of coronavirus vaccines has made it difficult for Iran to get foreign vaccines.

Iran PressIran News: The Spokesman of Iran's Foreign Ministry said supplying coronavirus vaccines turned to a difficult task for the country due to the intense paucity of the vaccine in the global market, especially under sanctions. 

Criticizing the West for the unfair distribution of the corona vaccine, Saeed Khatibzadeh said US claims that medicines and medical equipment, especially the corona vaccine, are not under sanctions, was an absurd claim.

Khatibzadeh highlighted the efforts made to import vaccines to Iran and reported a significant amount of the vaccine imported to the country in the last two weeks. 

"To continue the trend, we are coordinating with the Ministry of Health to continue our efforts to provide vaccines from abroad based on the needs they declare," he noted.

With the licenses issued for the use of two Iranian corona vaccines (CovIran Barakat and Pasteurcovac) and the production of the Russian Sputnik vaccine in Iran, the corona vaccine is simultaneously being imported from foreign sources.