Hamas reacts to Google, Apple removal of Palestine's name from maps

Gaza (IP) – Hamas Information Office in Gaza censured a new move by American companies, Google and Apple to remove the name of Palestine from their maps.

Iran Press/Middle East: The Hamas Information Office in Gaza announced Wednesday night that Google and Apple had removed the name of Palestine from their maps, even depute their previous refusal to do so following protests.

Although Google and Apple had previously withdrawn from their actions to remove the name of Palestine from their maps following protests, they have once again removed the name of the country from their maps.

The Hamas Information Office stated that by doing so, Google and Apple had discarded all historical and legal facts; the facts which prove that the ownership of this part of the planet belongs to its Palestinian owners.

The statement reads:

We consider this to be a form of hostile behavior against the Palestinian people and rights, as well as practices contrary to international resolutions and treaties. Moreover, this step shows clear support for the occupiers and requires the serious resistance of the people and all the supporters of the Palestinian cause.

This step is part of the war waged by the occupiers and their allies against the Palestinian national ideals and principles. The two companies had stopped this act last year after protest campaigns and calls for a boycott.

We call on Palestinians in the United States to sue these companies and demand their withdrawal, as well as to seek redress for those injured in last month's aggression by the occupiers.

In a similar move last year, Google and Apple removed the name Palestine from their maps, angering a wide range of cyberspace users.


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