Tehran (IP) - Examining the blood of people who received the Iranian "COVIran Barekat" vaccine proved that the vaccine had succeeded in defeating the South African variant of COVID-19.

Iran PressIran News: Shafa Pharmed Pharmaceutical Company announced in a statement: "Blood tests of 10 people who volunteered in the first stage and 30 people who volunteered in the second stage of clinical studies of Iran Barakat vaccine proved that the antibodies produced in these people could fail the South African variant of the COVID-19. 

The report states: "Previously, the antibodies in the volunteers' blood that took this vaccine had tested on the English variant of the coronavirus. The success of this vaccine was also proven there."

Shafa Pharmed Pharmaceutical Company also announced the efficiency of the COVIran Barakat vaccine on the Indian variant of coronavirus.

According to the company, a sample of the Indian strain has also recently reached the researchers. 

They transfer it to the cell and perform a neutralization test on it. Further details are to be published later.


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