Tehran (IP) - During the virtual inauguration ceremony of the national gas supply projects on Thursday, while emphasizing that Iran is the first country globally in terms of gas supply, the Iranian President said that the achievement is a source of pride.

Iran PressIran news: Hassan Rouhani on Thursday in the opening ceremony of national projects of the Ministry of Oil across the country, added: "Compared to 8 years ago, gas supply of the number of villages had increased 25 times, and this is a significant figure which shows the service giving efforts of all engineers, workers and managers Iran's gas sector."

"These achievements amid severe sanctions and economic war, especially in the last three and a half years, accompanied by COVID-19 and other problems of the country, means the nation's readiness for self-sacrifice and development of Iran," he added.

Iran's unique achievement: 95% standard reached in the gas supply field 

The President also praised the connection of more than 2,800 villages and 21 cities in the country to the gas supply network in the seventy-fifth week of the inauguration of national projects and said: "Today we have reached the 95% standard in the field of gas supply in the country, which is perhaps unique in the world."

"Yes, this figure is an honour for the 11th and 12th governments, and it is a decisive response to those who speak unfairly about this government in every corner", he stated.

Rouhani continued: "The gas supply under this government has been 2.5 times more what all the previous governments after the revolution have done in this regard, and today the gas supply in the country is almost finished, which we are proud of."

Rouhani further referred to the successes and honours achieved in this government in the oil sector and said: "In this government, more than ever, the rights of the nation in the oil and gas sector have been secured and in the field of using common oil and gas fields we have paid special attention to the rights of the nation."

The President also mentioned paying attention to the environment as another feature of the 12th government and said: "In this government, special attention has been paid to the environment.

"Today, 76% of Iran's gasoline consumption is Euro 4 and complies with international standards," he said.


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