Tehran (IP) - The deputy of the National Security Commission of Iran's Parliament said that the media of the Islamic Republic of Iran's audiences are increasing at the international level, both in Western and neighbouring countries.

Iran PressIran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Wednesday, Abbas Moghtadaei referred to the US' goal of shutting down the news websites of Al-Alam, Press TV, and Al-Kawthar, saying that the West, especially the United States, tries to stop the media of the Islamic Republic of Iran as soon as the public has the opportunity to find out the facts and get the right news from inside Iran.

Moghtadaei stressed that the pressure of the Americans is not a sign of their strength but a sign of their weakness.

Referring to the country's progress in science, he emphasized that Iran should strengthen the necessary infrastructure, including in the media.

Moghtadaei highlighted that the world knows that the news of the Iranian media is true, and neighbouring countries of Iran and even Latin America are the audiences of the Iranian media.

Emphasizing that the US pressure will make Iran more determined to advance its goals, he pointed that despite all sanctions and pressures, Iran has made progress in various fields, including democracy, defence, science and technology, and has made great strides in the media.


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