Parliament speaker:

Tehran (IP) – Iranian Parliament speaker said that all officials owed to people's support more than ever before due to the great nation's turnout in 13th Presidential Election.

Iran PressIran news: In his pre-agenda speech in today's open session of the Parliament, Mohammad-Bagher Ghalibaf stated: "We promise you [the people] that we will not end any day without trying for your comfort and tranquillity."

These days, an important event took place in Iran's history. Thanks to God and the clever guidance of the wise leader of the Islamic Revolution, the noble people of Iran once again created a great epic, Ghalibaf added. 

Despite worries about the COVID spread and despite the great annoyance of the economic situation and unbridled inflation, they went to the polls and created popular support for the regime's authority, glorifying dear Iran and maintaining security and national unity and preventing the enemies from harming the country, he noted.

He appreciated the wise leader of the Islamic Revolution and took pride in the high political understanding of the Iranian people.

Maintaining the independence of the three branches of the government and performing its legal duties, the Iranian Parliament would do its best to create full empathy and comprehensive cooperation and synergy with the new president-elect, he stressed.


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