Tehran (IP) - Iran's President said that the Trump administration was a terrorist regime and the new president Biden is following his wrong path.

Iran PressAmerica: Hassan Rouhani said the US uncovered its crimes by announcing that it would lift sanctions on masks and the COVID-19 vaccine to enter Iran. 

Rouhani noted: "Whenever we said we were under a boycott and the terrorist people in the White House would not allow us to buy the vaccine, some said the boycott had nothing to do with the vaccine."

"We suffered two years of economic war and we did not have a lot of financial resources to stay home and not go to work, and this was different from countries that had good financial conditions and did not have either sanctions or problems," he pointed out.

Rouhani further said that Iran's financial resources had for years been locked in countries that claimed to have nothing to do with terrorism adding that both neighboring and overseas countries refuse to pay back Iran's money due to the imposition of oppressive US sanctions.

Yet the president appreciated the Iranian nation due to their patience and collaboration in preferring the national interests to their own.


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