The Russian president announced at a news conference after meeting with his American counterpart that the two sides had agreed to return the Russian and US ambassadors to office.

Iran PressEurope: Russian President Vladimir Putin announced at a news conference on Wednesday evening after meeting with US President Joe Biden, emphasized the great responsibility of Washington and Moscow for strategic stability in the world. 

Putin conferred with his American counterpart about trade issues, cooperation in the North Pole and other issues.

The Russian president went on to say that Russia and the United States are set to begin consultations on cybersecurity and that both sides must make special commitments in this regard.

On the Ukraine issue, Putin said that Biden agreed to resolve the Ukraine issue through the Minsk agreement.

The Russian president also announced that Biden agreed to extend the new START treaty, saying that Russia and the United States are seeking solutions to existing issues.

Putin and Biden met twice today in Geneva, Switzerland.

Since Biden took office, tensions between Washington and Russia have escalated over a range of issues, including accusing Moscow of trying to interfere in the US presidential election and cyber-attacks on government and security institutions.

The Biden administration has also imposed new sanctions on Russia under the pretext of Moscow's role in a cyber-attack on the US government and security institutions and organizations while claiming that the Russian government is involved in the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, an anti-Putin figure. The Russian government has denied all the allegations. 219