Tehran (IP) - A presidential candidate says the economy and livelihood of the people should not be dependent on events across borders such as coronavirus and floods.

Iran PressIran news: Continuing the presidential election campaign on IRIB Radio on Wednesday and in response to Iran Press' question about the lifting oppressive sanctions against Iran, Ebrahim Raisi stated that there had been ways to lift the sanctions, and the rights of strong Iran should not be lost.

Stressing the stabilization of the economy and people's livelihood, Raisi noted that people's lives, including production, sales, and purchases, should be predictable and stable.

He underlined that economic stability occurred when the market situation did not change with changes in decisions.

Pointing out that transparency in government decisions is crucial, he highlighted that the government should inform and convince people of its decisions.

He also added that the lost trust of the people in the government must be restored with transparency and honesty.


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