Tehran (IP) - Tehran's fire department spokesman stated that fortunately, there were no casualties in Wednesday's blaze. Still, just several firefighters felt faint but then returned to the scene to continue the operation.

Iran PressIran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press about the fire that had broken out on Wednesday in the oil refinery in the south of Tehran, Jalal Maleki said 10 fire stations dispatching a large number of support vehicles, including water tankers, breathing apparatus, about 60 operational vehicles, and 150 to 180 professional firefighters arrived at the scene from the very first minutes of the fire.

When the firefighters arrived at the scene, the fire was so intensive, such that it flamed even to a height of 20 to 30 meters, he stressed.

According to the initial statement, one of the tanks caught fire, probably due to the flow of flammable materials, but firefighters from several directions started to extinguish the fire with fixed and portable devices. However, it was impossible to get near it from 50 meters away.

Several tanks that caught fire were all extinguished, Maleki said.

Noting that after 14 to 15 hours, extinguishing was still going on, he said that such incidents of this kind were not strange; fires in oil fields worldwide could last even more than a week because oil products are so hot when are on fire.

"Regarding whether the fire was intentional or not, Tehran's fire department spokesman said that it was a completely specialized task; we are currently in the operation phase, and it should be examined, and then the result will be announced," the firefighting department spokesman added.

Firefighters continue to extinguish the fire at Tehran’s Shahid Tondgooyan oil refinery which began on Wednesday, and they have successfully contained the fire.


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